College and University Degree for Free!

College and University Degree for Free?
A 2-Year Associates and a 4 year Bachelor’s Degree free for Union Members!

Dear Bargaining Unit employees, Union Brothers and Sisters,

Some ask “what is the Union doing for me?” Some may say, “I don’t need it, I don’t get in trouble”. Unions have been formed long time ago, do your own research on why and how.

Let’s cut to the chase, first purpose is to protect you at work, in case you do need, and secondly to help you and your family prosper financially. As of late, a lot do not look at their “Member Benefits”, which are solicited by the Union from Businesses to assist you in saving money. Placing your hard earned cash back into your pocket.

The key here is simple. You have to look at it, and use it! That simple. Take that extra step at the register, ask, “Do you give discounts to Union Members?”  Take those couple of minutes while you are waiting on something, to look at for all the discounts available to you!

While you are there, look at your profile, is your address correct? Your phone number? Do you have your member card? If not, update your address and click on the “Order New Card” button, then update!

If you are looking for insurance discounts, like saving a couple of dollars on your AFLAC enrollment, then you can reach out to Bobby Padgett with Benefits Architect at 817-456-7236 direct or shoot him an inquiry via email at [email protected].

As always, In Solidarity!

AFGE TSA Local 1250

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