Regular Member Meeting -September 20, 2023

September 20, 2023
  1. Call to order
    Secretary Jovan Petkovic called to order the regular meeting of the AFGE Local 1250 at 12:02pm on September 20, 2023, at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, via Zoom Meeting Platform and in-person. Election Chair Kaleo Leopoldo Read the Election Results as presented from Unilect via Department of Labor. Results are attached. National Representative Jessica Dobles was appointed by Election Chair Kaleo Leopoldo to administer the oath of office to the Officers & Delegates of the election. Oath of Office was administered.
  2. Roll call
    Roll call was performed, present from the Executive Board are Juan Casarez, President; Diane Rodriguez, Treasurer; Jovan Petkovic, Secretary; Robert Strength, AZ Vice President; Becky Cooper, NV Vice President; Pascual Contreras, Political Coordinator; and thirty (30) additional members. Please see attached sign in sheet. Secretary Jovan Petkovic read the meeting minutes from the last member meeting, held on April 18, 2023. Minutes were presented to the body. Approval of minutes from last meeting was performed. No addition, corrections, or amendments were made to the meeting minutes. Member Eric Hatcher entered motion to approve the minutes. Motion second by Member Fred Robinson. Motion passed and Minutes approved.
  3. Agenda
    1. Secretary Jovan Petkovic read the agenda items
      1. Union Presence at Formal Discussions
        • Secretary Jovan Petkovic explained the new Determination and application of Title V, Chapter 71 to formal discussions.
        • The expansion from of union rights, union representation rights, and how significant the implementations are, to include the full bargaining.
        • Agency must extend invitation to the union anytime there is a member of the agency talking to a BUE or group of BUEs. There are some exclusions to the rule.
      2. Union Presence at Examination/Investigations
        • Union has now an active role during examinations or investigations. Previously, a union representative had to sit there as a witness and just take notes. Now, due to the implementation of Title V Chapter 71, the union representative can actively engage during the fact-finding process, meet with the member in private to discuss questions, and ask questions pertaining to the fact finding.
        • Written Statements (Do’s and Don’ts)
          1. As of past experiences, it is highly recommended that anytime a member is asked to write a statement, to reach out to the local for assistance in writing the statement. More than often, members write information in the statements that are not asked off, and or divulge information which can be used against them.
        • Witness (Should I be in the room alone?)
          1. If the questioning or topic makes you feel that it may lead to discipline, you have the right to representation. Managers and supervisors always have a witness with them. Don’t be alone in the room without your witness.
        • Integrity/honesty (What to say and not to say)
          1. If management ask a question, they most likely already know the answer. Always answer truthfully. Be direct and do not add additional information.
        • Local Evaluation Team (Testing vs Training)
          1. Local continues to challenge management on the current process as it relates to LET activity. Members shared that LET is utilizing CCTV. CCTV is owned by City. Contract between TSA and Airport governs use. Local shared that contract was amended in September of 2022 right before local was preparing to file a grievance. New contract between City and TSA allows TSA management to utilize the system to monitor employee activity.
        • TSO Medical and Psychological Guidelines
          1. Review on medical and psychological conditions that will impact suitability to be employed at TSA. Local impressed for members not to discuss medical conditions at work or share information with colleagues. We are held at a much higher medical and psychological standard compared to Federal LEOs.
          2. FMLA
            1. Caution must be used when using FMLA as medical information is released to the agency. Certain conditions may lead to restrictions, resulting in suitability and fit for duty concerns.
        • On the job injury
          1. Informed members that workers compensation claims are handled through the Department of Labors eComp website.
          2. Informed the members that the local is officially registered with DOL for workers compensation assistance.
        • Full Collective Bargaining
          1. Informed the members that our Council 100 is still in DC at headquarters bargaining with TSA on our new contract. As previously said, the council is mimicking the CBP contract. Due to the contract negotiation rules, the council cannot share any ongoing bargaining.
        • Upcoming pay raises
          1. FY2024 Budget
          1. AFGE asked at the beginning of the year the Administration / Congress for an 8.6% pay increase. The Administration and Congress countered with a 5.2% pay raise.
          2. Political Coordinator Pascual Contreras shared current bills in the House and Senate floors that need member actions. Explained the text to participate on legislations.
  4. New business
    1. Members shared that a recent software update in baggage cause images to get worse on the screens. Video graphics on the monitors cannot handle the image quality output.
    2. Baggage only may have one (1) STSO in baggage.
    3. Member Chris Randall submitted Motion to the body. Motion reads as follow: “I am putting a motion to the floor to cease all unnecessary travel by the Local 1250 immediately. As our elected representatives you have an obligation to spend local funds in a responsible manner. There is no need to send representatives from Phoenix on a bi weekly (sic) basis to conduct New Hire Orientation, meetings with the Las Vegas FSD, Lunch and learns and other events. Paying Airfare, Hotel, Transportation, Food and per diem is wasteful when we have AFGE Local 1250 Representatives already in Las Vegas that are on 100% paid Union time including our Vice President. These individuals that are on 100% Union time as well as the local Stewards should be more than capable of performing these (sic) duties.”
      1. Motion was second by member Greg Ford.
      2. Debate: Members debated on the topic. Officers of the local explained the necessities of traveling. Nevada equally is entitled to representation by the local. It is the members that choose a representative. The bi-weekly travel was explained to the members present is generally in conjunction with direct representational duties. Although there are means of virtual platforms, meetings with senior leadership are more productive in-person. Certain topics cannot be discussed via the virtual platforms.
      3. Vote: Members voted on the motion. Thirteen (13) members voted for the motion, fifteen (15) members present voted against the motion, two (2) abstain from voting. Motion failed.
    4. Member Chris Randall entered motion to have monthly meetings. Motion Reads: I am putting a motion on the floor to change membership meetings from quarterly to monthly. Given the size of our membership over 2 states and multiple airports in addition to the new changes and challenges we face the members would benefit from more frequent meetings and updates.
      1. Motion was second by member Rickey Moreno.
      2. No debate. Motion passed anonymously.
    5. Political Coordinator Pascual Contreras offered coordinators for the EEO and Fair Practice vacancies. As we grow, we need additional experts in specific fields. Coordinators would be solely responsible in coordinating cases and tasks in their respective subject matter. A list of prospective candidates was submitted to the executive board of the local.
    6. Political Coordinator Pascual Contreras entered motion to amend the locals bylaws to include an Executive Vice President position in respect to the locals operations.
      1. Motion second by member Fred Robinson.
      2. No debate. Motion passed.
    7. Member Julie Lee asked for next meeting.
    8. Inappropriate Conduct
      1. Open debate ensued. Member Chris Randall talked about topic how he was solely responsible for getting employees at PHX an additional 10% retention incentive. Member Chris Randall became very agitated and yelled out “that motherfucker cost you money”. It is noted that Member Chris Randall is pointing out Local President Juan Casarez. Member Chris Randall continued his rant pointing at other members, identifying them to have lost money because of the Local President.
      2. Member Chris Randall laid claim that he received a phone call from FSD Jerry Agnew thanking him personally for bringing it to his attention and getting the employees the additional raise. Member Chris Randall proceeded to call the FSD Jerry Agnew on speaker phone. Member Chris Randall was told by FSD Jerry Agnew that he did in fact call and thank him for his email and advised that he already had the request in process prior to Member Chris Randall reaching out to FSD Agnew.
      3. Member Eric Hatcher entered motion to adjourn the meeting
        • Motion was second by member Pascual Contreras. Motion was passed.
  5. Adjournment
    Secretary Jovan Petkovic adjourned the meeting at 13:35PM.
    Minutes submitted by: Jovan Petkovic, AFGE Local 1250 Secretary
    Minutes approved by: Juan Casarez, AFGE Local 1250 President
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