Regular Member Meeting -October 26, 2023

October 26, 2023

  1. Call to order Secretary Jovan Petkovic called to order the regular meeting of the AFGE Local 1250 at 07:40am on October 26, 2023, at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, via Zoom Meeting Platform and in-person.
  2. Roll call Roll call was performed, present from the Executive Board are Juan Casarez, President; Diane Rodriguez, Treasurer; Jovan Petkovic, Secretary; Robert Strength, AZ Vice President; Becky Cooper, NV Vice President; Pascual Contreras, Political Coordinator; and additional members. Please see attached sign in sheet.Secretary Jovan Petkovic announced that AZ VP Robert Strength will be reading the minutes due to recent Covid exposure and unable to speak for lengthy time. Pascual Contreras is appointed as Sergeant-at-Arms for the meeting. AZ Vice President Robert Strength read the meeting minutes from the last member meeting, held on September 20, 2023. Minutes were presented to the body. Approval of minutes from last meeting was performed. No addition, corrections, or amendments were made to the meeting minutes. Member Eric Hatcher entered motion to approve the minutes. Motion second by Member John Palmer. Motion passed and Minutes approved.
  3. Agenda
    1. Secretary Jovan Petkovic read the agenda items
      1. Shutdown and Furlough Information
        • Secretary Jovan Petkovic explained the new Public Law 116-1 which was passed in 2019 by Congress. Law in summary provides that during shutdowns, employees required to report to work will be able to use their annual and sick leave.
        • Secretary Petkovic read the public law 116-1.
        • Secretary Petkovic reminded the members that sick leave protocols will remain in place. Reviewed absences of 3 days or less, and greater than 3 days. Required medical certificate for absences greater than 3 days.
        • OPM wrote a Q&A guidance on Furloughs and shutdowns. Recommendation for employees to read for educational purposes.
      2. Union Presence at Examination/Investigations
        • Union has now an active role during examinations or investigations. Previously, a union representative had to sit there as a witness and just take notes. Now, due to the implementation of Title V Chapter 71, the union representative can actively engage during the fact-finding process, meet with the member in private to discuss questions, and ask questions pertaining to the fact finding.
        • On the job injury
          1. Informed members that workers compensation claims are handled through the Department of Labors eComp website.
          2. Informed the members that the local is officially registered with DOL for workers compensation assistance.
        • Full Collective Bargaining
          1. Informed the members that our Council 100 is still in DC at headquarters bargaining with TSA on our new contract. As previously said, the council is mimicking the CBP contract. Due to the contract negotiation rules, the council cannot share any ongoing bargaining.
        • Upcoming pay raises
          1. FY2024 Budget
          1. AFGE asked at the beginning of the year the Administration / Congress for an 8.6% pay increase. The Administration and Congress countered with a 5.2% pay raise.
          2. Political Coordinator Pascual Contreras shared current bills in the House and Senate floors that need member actions. Explained the text to participate on legislations.
  4. New business
    1. Member Eric Hatcher entered a motion to amend Bylaws. Motion reads: Elections term of three (3) years to start anew with the certification of the current election handled by DOL due to the extensive cost of the re-election. Motion was second by AZ Vice President Robert Strength. No debate on the floor. Motion passed.
    2. Member Eric Hatcher entered motion for a Christmas party to be held in NV and AZ for the members. Motion reads as follows: Local to hold member holiday appreciation party in Arizona and Nevada. No debate on the floor. Motion passed.
    3. Member John Palmer raised issue with shift trades and management officials directing staff to submit requests electronically. Requests remain in pending status. Concern to be addressed with senior leadership.
      1. Secretary entered Motion to adjourn the meeting
        • Motion was second by member Eric Hatcher. Motion was passed. Meeting Adjourned.
  5. Adjournment
    Secretary Jovan Petkovic adjourned the meeting at 8:35AM.
    Minutes submitted by: Jovan Petkovic, AFGE Local 1250 Secretary
    Minutes approved by: Juan Casarez, AFGE Local 1250 President
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