Caucus Delegate Limitation Vote -April 18, 2023

April 18, 2023

I. Call to order
Secretary Jovan Petkovic called to order the regular meeting of the AFGE Local 1250 at 12:35pm on March 24, 2023, at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, via Zoom Meeting Platform.
II. Roll call
Roll call was performed, present from the Executive Board are Juan Casarez, President;
Diane Rodriguez, Treasurer; Jovan Petkovic, Secretary; Pascual Contreras, Political Coordinator; Eric Hatcher, Chief Steward; and three (3) additional members. Please see attached sign in sheet.
Approval of minutes from last meeting was not performed as this is not a regular member meeting.
III. District 12 Caucus Delegate Limitation Vote
a) Secretary Jovan Petkovic explained that in the March 24, 2023 regular member meeting, Treasurer Diane Rodriguez was not available to present the Locals Financial Report and voted on Fiscal Year 2023 budget. Locals budget only had allocated for four (4) delegates at any given time to be send to a convention, caucus, or meeting.
b) President Juan Casarez spoke on the cost effectiveness on sending all eight (8) delegates and additional alternate delegates. Secretary Jovan Petkovic presented the per person hotel cost of $433.75 per night and estimated oneway air fare of $89-$202 dollars, depending on the time of day.
c) Treasurer Diane Rodriguez presented the line item in the budget.
d) Member Eric Hatcher entered a motion to send four (4) delegates to the District 12 Caucus. Member Pascual Contreras second the motion.
Motion passed.
e) Secretary Jovan Petkovic presented delegates in line of succession after AZ Vice President Robert Strength made the argument that votes shall be vested with the President. If he becomes unavailable,
the votes shall be passed in line of succession to the Delegates selected for the Caucus, which are: President Juan Casarez, Treasurer Diane Rodriguez, AZ Vice President Robert Strength, Delegate Angela Hoffa on behalf of NV Vice President Becky Cooper, and Alternate Delegate Monica Kohn. It is noted that Nevada Vice President Becky Cooper is the delegate, and if she is unable to attend, Delegate Angela Hoffa will travel in her stead.
f) Member Eric Hatcher entered the motion for Alternate Delegate Monica Kohn to travel to the caucus. Diane Rodriguez second the motion. Motion passed.
g) Member Eric Hatcher motioned to the end meeting. Robert Strength
second the motion.
IV. New business
a) No new business.
V. Adjournment
Secretary Jovan Petkovic adjourned the meeting at 13:11PM.
Minutes submitted by: Jovan Petkovic, AFGE Local 1250 Secretary
Minutes approved by: Juan Casarez, AFGE Local 1250 President

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