AFGE Local 1250 

April 5, 2018 Labor Management Relations Meeting Minutes


April 5, 2018

I.Call to order

Acting FSD Scot Thaxton called to order the Labor Management Relations meeting with AFGE Local 1250 at 13:00pm on 04/05/2018 at 410 N 44th Street, Suite 300, Phoenix, AZ 85008.


II.Roll call

Present at the meeting are Acting FSD Scot Thaxton, AFSD Lisa Christensen, AO Anthony Quintana, DAFSD Jeffrey Perez, AFSD (Tucson) Charles Sparky, AFSD (Northern Spokes) Justin Bryan, TSA Attorney Tom Schlegal (NOTE: TSA Attorney was present at the LMR without AFGE’s invitation, and without allowing AFGE to have the AFGE Attorney present), AFGE President Juan Casarez, AFGE Secretary Jovan Petkovic, AFGE Exec. Vice-President Bryan Bentley. 


III.Meeting Topics

1.  BDO Annual Leave Calendar Violations – Original Annual Leave calendar was broken down into working groups. This month, March, the leave calendar for ATLAS has been removed. BDO placed under airport wide leave calendar. BUE reported that weeks are available under the ATLAS leave calendar but are not available now under the airport wide calendar. ITT/ATLAS now had Leave removed per Vince/Maynard

2.  BDO Proposed shift change (PAX) – Email sent out of change in schedules without an open bid to BDOs. BDOs allegedly forced to change their RDOs for a month?

3.  BDO Sustainment Hours Responsibility – ATLAS/Checkpoint BD personal responsibility Letter from Vince. Additional guidance sent previously to include that ATLAS team members take CES functions before Checkpoint BDs

4.  Break Blackouts – Employees at T4C complained that there is a break/lunch blackout from 1600-1800 as per AFSD Lisa Christensen

5.  Alleged SOP Violation – T4A on 1st and 2nd shift, handles TSA Pre-Check passengers on lane 1 and 2 (No AIT) contrary to SOP. If passenger alarms WTMD, passenger is escorted to lanes 3 and 4 to be scanned via AIT as per STSO directions. Practice became a norm at the location.

6.  Briefings about LET/HET bags – “you say that a test team is here, you get discipline”

7.  Lack of open line bids – BUEs retiring or separating. Shifts not posted as open line bid; remaining annual leave (weeks/days) reposted?

8.  Official Time Requests – denial of official time (B. Bentley)

9.  Annual award – Union member suggested that part timers should not be receiving full end of year TOPS bonus payout. Payout should be broken down 

10.  Open Line Bids – Employees change Shift/RDO, now annual leave bid (days) fall on their RDO. Employees losing leave day. Compromise?

11.  Premium Shifts for new hires – New hires receive weekends off on their schedule? 

12.  TDTP Inconsistencies/Punishment vs Training – PSO being held accountable for TDTP whether or not X-ray Operator annotates/confirms a possible threat.



•Lisa Christensen explained the BDO ATLAS leave calendar. It was discovered by management that the workgroup “added” additional weeks of leave, beyond the allotted annual leave to the workgroup. Consequently, the additional leave was removed from the ATLAS workgroup calendar. However, management stated that they did honor submitted requests by officers in the ATLAS workgroup. It was also identified that the same situation applies to the LET workgroup. The annual leave weeks are being removed from the workgroup.


•It was identified that there was a communication issue between all parties involved regarding a proposed temporary change in shifts and/or RDOs for some Checkpoint BDO’s. There was a proposal to change the RDOs and/or shifts to accommodate a more efficient manner to schedule and provide adequate coverage for CES operations. The proposal was not implemented.


•AFGE brought to attention that BDO/ATLAS management reissued previously discussed topic on sustainment hour responsibilities not falling on a BUE solely. On March 31, 2018, BDO/ATLAS coordinator issued a broadcast to BDO/ATLAS certified officers that it is their “personal responsibility” to attain their sustainment hours. AFGE previously identified and collaborated with upper management that this cannot be a TSO/LTSO personal responsibility. A revised email was distributed on April 5, 2018 prior to LMR by the BDO/ATLAS Coordinator, correcting the previously disseminated information to all BDO/ATLAS certified officers. The responsibility falls not on the officer, rather on management. A collaborative effort between officers and management is needed to accomplish the effective scheduling of sustainment hours.


•AFGE received information that breaks and lunch “blackout” period was instituted on a specific date, in the afternoon, during 1600-1800 hour time frame. AFSD Lisa Christensen explained the reasoning for the temporary blackout period. On said date, the airport was -21 TSO. Due to operational needs, all persons were needed “on deck” to help with the expected throughput numbers. It was an isolated event.


•AFGE identified possible SOP violations being performed at T4A checkpoint. Due to the nature of the information, the details are not included in the LMR minutes as concerns of SSI are involved and SOP procedures. However, guidance is to be sent out regarding the procedure. 


•AFGE discussed open line bids, and new hire employees allegedly receiving premium shifts/RDOs. TSA management explained that open line bids, for needed coverage are being performed. In several instances, shifts are not picked by officers during monthly open line bid. Shifts that need coverage and remain open after an open line bid was conducted, are given to new hired employees to fill needed vacancies based on operational need. Management explained that other lines, that are vacated by virtue of transfers, retirement, separation, do not necessarily become available for an open line bid as those may be deemed as not needed to fill. TSA management does have the discretion to determine if a line (shift/work location) needs to be filled. 


•AFGE and Management identified that the official time request denial is not applicable and discarded the topic.


•AFGE presented a union members suggestion that TOPS payouts be revisited in relation to part-time and full-time employees. Management advised that the pay regarding TOPS bonuses is out of their control and identified that the suggestion is best submitted through the Idea Factory avenue on ishare.


•AFGE presented a union members concern regarding open line bids and changing RDOs. In some instances, RDO fall on “annual days” selected during the annual leave bid. Union member inquired about a comprise for officers in such situations to be able to pick an alternative day. Management responded that the affected employees can submit requests through AIM to take other days, subject to leave availability in AIM.


•AFGE and TSA Management discussed TDTP inconsistencies regarding training vs. punishment. TDTP project is an ongoing and evolving project, that is continually being looked at to improve. 


•AFGE and TSA Management briefly discussed the Leadership TDTP. It is currently still in the development stage and as soon as a finalized product is established, it will be shared with AFGE.


•AFGE and TSA Management discussed the Page and Prescott locations. Currently, no airline is providing services at the spokes and TSA Management is looking into fair and equitable solutions to maintain the workforce employed at the affected spokes location. TSA Management became aware that there are several bids in place from other airlines to provide services at the spokes locations. However, the processes of an airline to start services at an airport can be lengthy. TSA Management did submit a letter to TSA Headquarters, seeking guidance in regards to the staff at the spokes locations. As soon as any information becomes available, it will be shared with AFGE, and the affected employees.


•TSA Management (AFSD Charles Sparky, Tucson) stated to be wanting to issue policy in regarding how an employee can wear outerwear. Management official is seeking to issue instructions that outerwear shall be zipped at least 50% of the way. AFGE countered the suggestion and advised that pursuant to the MDs and the CBA, wearing of outerwear is at the discretion of the employee. Any additions, would need to be submitted to the Uniform Committee for approval. TSA Management will submit an inquiry with the TSA LMR office. AFGE will follow up.



Acting FSD Scot Thaxton adjourned the meeting at 2:30pm.

Minutes submitted by:  Jovan Petkovic, AFGE Local 1250 Secretary

Minutes approved by:  Juan Casarez, AFGE Local 1250 President