AFGE Local 1250 

May 31, 2018 Labor Management Relations Meeting Minutes


May 31, 2018

I.Call to order

Acting FSD Scot Thaxton called to order the Labor Management Relations meeting with AFGE Local 1250 at 10:30am on 05/31/2018 at 410 N 44th Street, Suite 300, Phoenix, AZ 85008.


II.Roll call

Present at the meeting on behalf of TSA are Acting FSD Scot Thaxton, Acting AFSD Dennis Hayne, AO Anthony Quintana, DAFSD Jeffrey Perez, DAFSD Maynard Williams, Acting DAFSD Mark Weissman, Executive Assistant Eric Floyd, AFSD (Northern Spokes) Justin Bryan, Human Resources Specialist Keely Wetzel.

Present at the meeting on behalf of AFGE Local 1250 are President Juan Casarez, Secretary Jovan Petkovic, Executive Vice-President Bryan Bentley. 


III.Meeting Topics

a)Mandatory Overtime – Issue related on local level at Tucson International Airport. Tucson Management instituting mandatory overtime.

b)COA – Does COA still exist?

c)IBC/SLR – AFGE requests a specific definition what would warrant an IBC, and an SLR. What defines the trigger point for an IBC, and SLR?

d)SOP Procedures – AFGE previously brought up concern about alleged SOP issues related to TSA PreCheck passengers. AFGE wants to revisit the SOP requirements related to the SOP related to PreCheck. Specifically, PreCheck SOP states that a passenger must undergo a Pat Down if an WMTD alarm occurs, if no AIT is available in the mod-set. What is the HQ response on this issue?

e)Management (TSM) Accountability – AFGE received a couple complains from BUEs regarding TSMs using inappropriate comments towards subordinates. How is Sr. Leadership addressing this?



•Acting FSD Scot Thaxton opened the meeting by announcing revisions to the current SOP Revision 13. Mr. Thaxton is issuing a directive to remain with the higher standard of EAPS in regards to the organic/inorganic screening on x-ray. It is believed that the current standard in the revision is not in the best interest of the flying public or the mission of TSA to stop potential threats to aviation. A video was created to message a new directive to the workforce. AFGE and TSA present viewed the video.

a)Directive is to include the following: if annotated by the x-ray operator, conduct EDT/Colormetrics (Colormetrics as applicable for inorganic masses). If inorganic material, obtain a test sample from the container. If the container is factory sealed, ask for permission to open the container to obtain sample. If the passenger does not wish to open the container for sample retrieval, escalate the screening to an STSO/TSSE. Item cannot be cleared at this point without a sample.

b)Directive message: Continue to excel at detection! Keep it at zero events making it through our lanes onto the planes!


•TSA and AFGE discussed the accountability portion regarding failed testing. AFGE further discussed the definition to accountability. We came to a consensus that by virtue of accountability, the main component was the value deficiency. This is when an officer chooses to no follow procedures knowingly, and intentionally. A value deficiency is conduct based and leads to discipline.


•AFGE and TSA discussed the mandatory overtime occurring at Tucson International Airport. It was discussed that most employees at Tucson International Airport are welcoming overtime work, and do not mind it. In some instances, some employees have other arraignments, schedules conflicts, childcare issues. TSA reminded that we are in a career field that can be unpredictable and are public servants. The need to complete our mission objective is paramount to our future career security.


•AFGE discussed the Common Operating Approach, also known as COA and inquired if it still existed. It was disclosed that several shifts and locations throughout PHX are not operating under COA guidelines. TSA defined that COA is defined as one (1) lead per mod-set, compromised of eleven (11) officers during peak-time hours, and nine (9) officers during non-peak hours in a rotation. TSA will follow up on certain locations to ensure that COA is being followed. TSA stated that COA will be a strong component of the Leadership Threat Detection Training Program.


•AFGE inquired about the definition or triggered points for an Interest-Based Conversation, also known as IBC, and Sick Leave Restrictions, also known as SLR. TSA defined that under current guidelines for PHX, if an employee calls of five (5) times, an IBC should be conducted. If the same employee calls of an additional 3 times, then an SLR would be initiated. Ultimately, the defined trigger points are 5 for an IBC and 3 for an SLR. TSA added that each case is to be viewed and evaluated independently. 


•AFGE previously identified possible SOP violations on the Pre-Check lanes being performed at a specific location in PHX. Due to the nature of the information, the details are not included in the LMR minutes as concerns of SSI are involved and SOP procedures. It was confirmed that the ongoing activity is a violation of the SOP, and immediate corrective action will be taken by TSA to rectify the issue. AFGE was ultimately concerned with the SOP violation to protect the workforce from disciplinary actions if HQ would have seen the tasks being performed. 


•TSA and AFGE followed up on the Page and Prescott airports. Currently, both are on “Temporary Closure”. The employees that were assigned to those airports, where successfully placed at other offered locations through Arizona. In total, twelve (12) employees were affected by the temporary closure.



Acting FSD Scot Thaxton adjourned the meeting at 11:45am.

Minutes submitted by:  Jovan Petkovic, AFGE Local 1250 Secretary

Minutes approved by:  Juan Casarez, AFGE Local 1250 President