AFGE Local 1250

February 8, 2018 Labor Management Relations Meeting Minutes


Call to order

Acting FSD Scot Thaxton called to order the Labor Management Relations meeting with AFGE Local 1250 at 13:00pm on 02/08/2018 at N 44th Street, Suite 300, Phoenix, AZ 85016.


Roll call

Present at the meeting are Acting FSD Scot Thaxton, AFSD Lisa Christensen, AO Anthony Quintana, HR Specialist Keely Wetzel, DAFSD Jeffrey Perez, AFGE President Juan Casarez, AFGE Secretary Jovan Petkovic, AFGE Exec. Vice-President Bryan Bentley.


Meeting Topics

1.   Employee Performance Notes – Notes improperly used, and or the lack of them

2.   TSO-BD/BDO Checkpoint – Sustainment hour responsibility placed on employee

3.   Communications – TSMs not responding to emails or extensive response times

4.   Breaks/Lunches – unreasonable break times or blackout periods

5.   Special Assignments – What are they/Who is assigned to them

6.   TDTP – STSO provide false/incorrect information to employees

7.   Shift Trade Limitations – TSMs placing restriction or deny shift trade inquiries

between TSO/LTSO

8.   Annual Leave Conversion – Unused leave weeks conversion to available days

9.   Unscheduled Absences – What is the criteria for identifying them

10. Union Representation – Employees told “its only fact-finding, denied


11. AFGE Activity – Upcoming lunch & learns and increased briefings



1.              Lisa Christensen and Human Resources receive report of entered ePerformance notes and are reviewed. Consensus brought that if an STSO fails to document a positive task/commendation in the ePerformance notes to elevate the issue to TSM, and so on. Management to resend broadcast email about the usage of the ePerformance notes in AIM to STSO/TSM.


2.              AFGE brought to managements attention that BD Coordinator is placing direct personal responsibility on the employees to attain their 8 hour per pay period sustainment hours. Clarification was made that TSO/LTSO do not have the authority level to “just leave” a checkpoint assignment to attain their hours. Responsibility falls on management and not the employee. AFSD will look into the responsibility issue.


3.              AFGE brought to attention that TSMs not responding to send emails, or very time delayed responses. Consensus that all receive an exuberate amount of emails, misses can occur. Further email communication to include DAFSD and AFSD for action follow up. Upper management will follow up with TSM is no action taken in a timely manner.


4.              AFGE received information that certain shifts and locations use unreasonable time frames to provide breaks and lunches to employees. In certain instances, even have blackout periods. Management will address the timelines for lunches. Blackout periods are not allowed unless direction is issued by the FSD or designee as per the rules. Employees encouraged to report such blackouts to upper management.


5.              AFGE requested information on defined special assignment listing, and employees assigned to such. Term limits apply to special assignments. List was provided to AFGE by AO Quintana and discussed. Currently, no employee is exceeding term limits.


6.              AFGE brought to managements attention that some STSO are providing false/incorrect information to the employees regarding the TDTP. Statements like “miss a bag and you get written up” have been stated to employees. False impression is being spread about the TDTP. Management will send out broadcast to STSO/TSM regarding this and look further into it.


7.              AFGE filed a Request for Review regarding shift trade denials between TSO/LTSO. Discussion was held regarding this matter. AO Quintana provided printout of recent shift trades between TSO/LTSO that were approved. Management will readdress proper procedure with specific TSMs regarding shift trade requests between TSO/LTSO. TSO/LTSO can do shift trades.


8.              AFGE filed Request for Review regarding annual weeks conversation to days. Scheduling converted unused weeks from the annual leave bid, to available individual days. Added days are being added to the leave calendar and posted to employees. Spoke airports are being processed as well. Grievance included leave that is cancelled due to employees retiring or separation of employment. Leave balances need to be placed back onto the leave calendar and made available to employees.


9.              AFGE inquired as to the unscheduled absences criteria. Is there a specific formula or number that initiates a review of absences? Not defined.


10.          AFGE brought to managements attention that Union members are being told and denied representation during fact-findings. Discussion held.


11.          AFGE announced that increased lunch & learns will be held in the near future. Some will be held at the break rooms of Terminal 4 for ease of access to employees. Briefing presentation will also be more active.


V.     Adjournment


Acting FSD Scot Thaxton adjourned the meeting at 2:00pm.

Minutes submitted by:  Jovan Petkovic, AFGE Local 1250 Secretary

Minutes approved by:  Juan Casarez, AFGE Local 1250 President