AFGE Local 1250

February 22, 2018 Labor Management Relations Meeting Minutes

  1. Call to order

AFSD Lisa Christensen called to order the Labor Management Relations meeting with AFGE Local 1250 at 12:00pm on 02/22/2018 at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, Terminal 4, Suite A6, Phoenix, AZ.

  1. Roll call

Present at the meeting are Acting FSD Scot Thaxton, AFSD Lisa Christensen, DAFSD Roy Murray, DAFSD Maynard Williams, DAFSD Dennis Hayne, AFGE President Juan Casarez, AFGE Secretary Jovan Petkovic, AFGE Exec. Vice-President Bryan Bentley.

  • Meeting Topics
  1. 4-hour allotment for sick leave pertaining to medical appointment requests
    2. AFGE Briefings – Sick Leave procedural briefing given by Secretary Jovan
    Petkovic at T4B
    3.   TSO-BD/BDO Checkpoint – Sustainment hour responsibility determination
    4.   DFO dropping requests
    5.   Ear pieces – Requirement to be worn/used
  2. Meeting
    1. AFGE VP Bryan Bentley presented issue with an officer that requested full shift sick leave to attend a medical appointment. DAFSD Dennis Hayne provided information that the requesting employee is on sick leave restriction. Discussion ensued regarding the limitation to 4-hour initial approval. It was determined that medical appointments would be viewed on a case by case basis. If an employee makes a request for sick leave in advance for a medical appointment, and states in the remarks section that the time is needed due to the complexity of the appointment, the request would be approved. If there are no special requirements for the medical appointment, and the medical appointment is routine in nature, then the 4-hour limitation would be applicable. As an example, if an employee is on a 0345-1215 shift, and they have a routine medical appointment, without any special requirements, at 0900, it would not be feasible that an employee needs to request a full shift. The employee can report to work at 0345 hours and work until 0730 hours (as an example if the doctor’s office is an hour away). This would allow the employee sufficient travel time to get to their medical appointment.
    2. AFGE brought previously to management’s attention that BD Coordinator is placing direct personal responsibility on the employees to attain their 8 hour per pay period sustainment hours. Clarification was made that TSO/LTSO do not have the authority level to “just leave” a checkpoint assignment to attain their hours. Responsibility falls on management and not the employee. AFSD will look into the responsibility issue. AFSD Lisa Christensen followed up on the issue and sided with AFGE’s complaint validity. AFSD Lisa Christensen followed up and determined that BDA Management would not be able to handle the scheduling portion for BD certified officers. PHX TSA management determined that a central location would be established to monitor, track, and assign certified officers with the sufficient amount of time per pay period. No BD certified officer will be disciplined due not meeting sustainment hours as it is an item out of their immediate control. TSA Management is actively working in rectifying the issue.
    3. TSA Management issued a locality vide notification regarding DFO Dropping requests. Several requests were received for certain certifications to be dropped. AFSD Lisa Christensen expressed concern allowing certifications to be dropped at will. This situation would create a “revolving door” of officers dropping and getting certified for special duties. It is agreed that certain certifications are costly and time consuming such as Behavior Detection. Aside of the cost factor, currently, the BD program section of ATLAS is understaffed and needs to retain all their currently certified officers. It was determined that this is a mission critical objective and staffing needs are a priority.
    4. TSA Management, AFSD Lisa Christensen expressed that it is a requirement for uniformed staff, (TSO/LTSO/STSO) to wear issued ear pieces in conjunction with the radios. It is mandatory that employees wear issued radios while on duty in order to be able to receive pertinent communication and give pertinent information via the radio. As the radio falls under the equipment category, and is not addressed under the uniform policy, it is not discussed under the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). President Juan Casarez argued the standing on the ear piece requirement. Additionally, AFSD Lisa Christensen explained that it is crucial for covert operation. Stakeholders (Airport employees, contractors, or flying public) should not be able to hear our radio communication.

  1. Adjournment

AFSD Lisa Christensen adjourned the meeting at 12:30pm.

Minutes submitted by:  Jovan Petkovic, AFGE Local 1250 Secretary

Minutes approved by:  Juan Casarez, AFGE Local 1250 President