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Labor Management Relations

The Labor Management Relations is the process where Union officials meet with local upper management to discuss issues that are directly impacting TSA Bargaining Unit Employees. As the majority of the Bargaining Unit Employees are Union members, we strive to assure that the Collective Bargaining Agreement is followed, and a balance is reached with new procedures and policies. The minutes of the meetings is posted for your information. Please keep in mind that the LMR meetings are focused on the whole, not individual cases, or personal preferences. Certain information is withheld due to PII or SSI related concerns.  

August 17, 2021

Labor Management Relations Agenda/Minutes at PHX


Present for the LMR from TSA are DFSD Scot Thaxton, AFSD Lisa Christenson, AFSD Charles Sparky, AFSD Justin Bryan, AFSD Brian Towle, Luke Aubert, Debra Wheeler from HR, DAFSD Roy Murray, Dennis Hayne, and Albert Diaz. Present from AFGE are Local President Juan Casarez, Secretary Jovan Petkovic, Chief Steward Joe Scioscia, and Steward Devin Williams.

  • Complaint/Investigations/Fact Finding Process
    • Employees subjected to a harassment or hostile work environment complaint are decertified. No reason provided as to the allegation; no opportunity provided to answer to allegation.
    • Employee exposed to undue stress/hardship situation by not knowing what they allegedly did.
    • Can we revisit the process for complaint intake, investigation process, fact finding, action?
      • AFGE Recommendation
        • Receive complaint
        • Present allegation to employee and allow for response
        • Gather/review evidence presented/Fact finding
        • Decertify based on disciplinary action presentation (One-step or two-step action)

Management explained the process as it is established under the Anti-Harassment Handbook, and what steps must be followed. Reasoning was provided for the liability purposes and enforcement actions in the event there is a substantiated claim and/or to the contrary.

  • Back to Basics
    • Action follow up
      • Where are we in the process? Do we have an action plan set in motion? Shareable to assist in helping employees understand changes?

Management responded that information is provided in the Friday FSD Broadcast email that goes out to the entire workforce. Discussed was that LTSO allegedly were no longer doing any LTSO functions such as alarm resolutions. Management stated that LTSO start the alarm resolution process and an STSO is completing the process.

  • Following SOP
    • Every work location almost has some different operational techniques in place, based on the STSO or TSM preferences.
    • Uniformity
      • Can we get directions and periodic follow up action to ensure that everyone is working the same?

AFGE presented that from work location to work location things are not the same. Management will include the working groups (LTSO and STSO Advisory Councils) to get involved in the process. Brief discussion was made regarding the various radio calls used and to return to referring to SOP for “additional screening. Instances where new hires revert to trained terminology for additional screening and terms such as 1+1 do not make sense to them and/or add to confusion. Passengers with DHS Migrant Documentation referred to as Bond paperwork, alike should be treated as “Additional Screening”.

  • Breaks/Lunches/Rotations
    • Supposedly STSOs are to run the floor; LTSOs rolling out and running the floor.
    • Rotations
      • There should be a uniformity.
      • Breaks and lunches marked on rotations (people should know when their first/lunch/last break)

Topic will be referred to the LTSO/STSO Advisory Groups for resolution. AFGE to be participant in discussion.

  • Addressing Attendance
    • Tardy
      • Review of STSO/TSM action items to address tardy
      • Uniformity
        • Single STSO directed employee to write a memo about being tardy, provided instructions to call Coordination Center and Checkpoint. Please note that this particular event of tardy was the first tardy for the employee (allegedly).

Leadership is directing direct supervision to determine reasons of tardy and address employee’s attendance appropriately. Including clock in stations and locations. Employees using alternate locations to clock in.

  • OSARP Testing
    • Baggage employees subjected to a new OSARP test.
    • Experienced employees failing new test (large number?)
    • New test allegedly suspended based on issues identified within the test
    • Employees who failed initial rollout have the test not invalidated
    • No guidance on remediation process

Topic regarding OSARP Testing was discussed in detail. Due to the nature of the contents, information is not included due to SSI concerns. The topic will be further discussed at the senior level due to nature and significant impact it carries on employees.

  • Shift Briefing Concerns
    • Terminal 3 has a shift starting at 0345 and 0400. 0345 shift start time receives a shift briefing. Officer on the 0400 do not receive a shift briefing. Officers have to arrive early to be part of the 0345-shift briefing.
    • Officer on their break/lunch in the break room, are told to get off their phone by management during the shift briefing held in the break room.
    • Overlapping shifts – Briefings
      • Can we ensure guidance/direction and follow through that all shifts receive a shift briefing as operationally feasible? There is pertinent information that officers must be made aware prior to starting their rotations, especially when there is an impact to changes in operation/directives/policies/SOP.
      • Part-time shifts often times get overlooked.

Management addressed immediately the lack of briefing at certain work locations and/or shifts. Further review to be held regarding appropriate locations for shift briefings, etc. Concern regarding employees on break being directed to get off their phones addressed.

Additional Topics

Current Executive Order regarding all federal employees to be vaccinated/tested, etc. was briefly discussed. Everyone awaiting release of OPM guidance regarding the Executive Order.

Report of Sick Leave usage on the rise; Increase in positive COVID19 cases noticed.