Local 1250 Management Team

Juan Casarez

Email: juancasarez@mylocal1250.org

Email: juancasarez64@gmail.com

Phone: 520-252-5006

Bryan Bentley

Email: bryanbentley@mylocal1250.org

Email: afge1250.bentley@gmail.com

Phone: 480-798-7667

Jovan Petkovic

Email: jovanpetkovic@mylocal1250.org

Email: jovan.petkovic@outlook.com

Phone: 602-622-7017

Diane Rodriguez

Email: dianerodriguez@mylocal1250.org

Email: diane.rod007@yahoo.com

Phone: 480-797-4723

Travis Scott

Email: travisscott@mylocal1250.org

Phone: 602-748-5324


TUS and NYL covered by IWA VP Travis Scott

Please contact help@mylocal1250.org  for assistance.

Joe Scioscia

Email: jscioscia@cox.net

Email: joescioscia@mylocal1250.org

Phone: 602-370-2950

Vacant Position

Randal Stankewicz

Email: randy33431@hotmail.com

Email: randalstankewicz@mylocal1250.org

Phone: 480-652-6068

Local 1250 Union Stewards




Joseph “Joe” Scioscia

Email: joescioscia@mylocal1250.org

Email: jscioscia@cox.net

Phone: 602-370-2950

Devin Williams

Email: devinwilliams@mylocal1250.org

Email: devinsw24@gmail.com

Phone: 310-988-0958

Bradley Sacs

Email: bradley.sacs@tsa.dhs.gov;

Email: sacs4010@gmail.com

Phone: 623-297-9922

Randal Stankewicz

Email: randy33431@hotmail.com

Email: randalstankewicz@mylocal1250.org

Phone: 480-652-6068

Travis Scott

Email: travisscott@mylocal1250.org

Email:  travisscott60@yahoo.com

Phone: 602-748-5324

Carolyn Panzera

Email: carolynpanzera@mylocal1250.org

Email: cbgamom@hotmail.com

Phone: 480-266-4592

Susan Mandraes

Email: smandraes@gmail.com

Phone: 480-428-9960

Eric Hatcher

Email: erichatcher@mylocal1250.org

Email: eric.hatcher1@tsa.dhs.gov

Phone: 816-390-3905

Leah DeLaratta

Email: triggerrabbit@gmail.com


Phone: 928-444-2993

Greg Ford

Email: gregford@mylocal1250.org

Email: gregford755@yahoo.com

Phone: 602-320-3203

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