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Labor Management Relations

The Labor Management Relations is the process where Union officials meet with local upper management to discuss issues that are directly impacting TSA Bargaining Unit Employees. As the majority of the Bargaining Unit Employees are Union members, we strive to assure that the Collective Bargaining Agreement is followed, and a balance is reached with new procedures and policies. The minutes of the meetings is posted for your information. Please keep in mind that the LMR meetings are focused on the whole, not individual cases, or personal preferences. Certain information is withheld due to PII or SSI related concerns.  

Labor Management Relations Meeting held on September 20, 2017 at 10:00 am

In attendance were:

Lisa Christensen, TSA

Scott Thaxton, TSA

Adam Webber, Union Representative

Bryan Bentley, Union Representative

Mark Bernstein, Union Representative



  • Discussion about the Female Lead Bid and how to fix the issue that occurred.
  • Mrs. Christensen stated that PNRs will be handled accordingly, and requested that the Union and EAC discuss the issue with employees giving each other hugs while at work, and how the action could cause an issue. Asked to discuss at the EAC meeting.
  • Mrs. Christensen brought up command presence at the exit lane.
  • Mr. Thaxton discussed the video being shown regarding a Laptop and its contents. A laminated card will be at each x-ray. EAC working with our Leadership on this issue. Video release date is set for 9-27-2017.
  • TACT team (Item contents excluded due to SSI). Managers will be talked to regarding (Item contents excluded due to SSI). Mr. Thaxton related that the biggest threat is (Item excluded due to SSI).
  • Mr. Weber asked about (Item excluded due to SSI), and discussed BDO to TSO bid lines; BDO keeps their certification. BDO merge @ B4 with the local eval team,(LET).
  • Discussion brought up about targeting union officials and  using official time. Mr. Thaxtont related that this meeting was not the forum for the topic. 
  • TSO (PII) requests a meeting with FSD regarding an issue. Senior Leadership advised to see the response before a determination can be made.
  • Discussion on the type of shoes that can be worn at work. STSO (Name excluded due to PII) enforcing shoe policy, might be the old MD.
  • Mr. Bentley led discussion on detection and TSO with low scores.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 11:40 am